Ford Says Technology Exists for Autonomous Cars; Drivers Not So Sure!

Detroit News - April 26, 2012

Ford engi­neers say the auto indus­try has devel­oped the tech­nol­o­gy nec­es­sary to cre­ate tru­ly autonomous vehi­cles, but dri­vers are not ready to for­feit con­trol of their vehi­cles to an onboard com­put­er. The cost of dri­ver­less cars is also an issue. New capa­bil­i­ties like col­li­sion warn­ing for safe­ty, auto­mat­ic par­al­lel park­ing, and Ford’s Sync voice-con­trol tech­nol­o­gy have been well-received. Ford believes that through the grad­ual intro­duc­tion of more automa­tion, dri­vers will even­tu­al­ly be recep­tive to the idea of a car that dri­ves itself.

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