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Only some tires man­u­fac­tured dur­ing cer­tain dates tend to lose pieces of tread — not com­plete tread sep­a­ra­tion or blowout like Fire­stone recall
Lin­coln states prob­lems with Con­ti­nen­tal tires do not sug­gest design flaw in Ford prod­ucts
Affect­ed SUVs may need as many as 5-replace­ments because of full-size spare
Some 60 war­ran­ty claims involv­ing 16″ Con­ti­nen­tal tires filed; at least 6-in Sau­di Ara­bia
“There is no com­par­i­son with the Bridgestone/Firestone sit­u­a­tion for 3-rea­sons. First, this is not a safe­ty-relat­ed com­plaint. We have no rollovers. We have no fatal­i­ties. We have no lit­i­ga­tion. We have no seri­ous injuries