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Mex­i­co denies US trucks per­mis­sion to oper­ate freely in Mex­i­co as retal­i­a­tion to US ban
Significant Points
Com­pro­mise still lim­its # Mex­i­can trucks allowed into US
Not clear if labor unions & inde­pen­dent truck­ers would back com­pro­mise
If US con­tin­ues to ban trucks, NAFTA requires com­pen­sa­tion to Mex­i­co
Mex­i­co says they lose $2B year in com­merce under cur­rent ban
US safe­ty coali­tion pro­pos­es Mex­i­can trucks must meet US safe­ty stan­dards
Bush admin­is­tra­tion risks polit­i­cal back­lash if dead­ly crash­es involve Mex­i­can trucks
3.7M trucks cross bor­der each year

Only 1% of Mex­i­can trucks cross­ing bor­der are care­ful­ly checked

Of those, 35% are imme­di­ate­ly idled for vio­la­tions

This rate is 46% high­er than for US trucks