GM Forms 2-JVs To Further Fuel Cell Program For Hydrogen Storage & Infrastructure

Fuel cell tech­nol­o­gy is sim­ple, using fuel cell “stack” to com­bine hydro­gen & oxy­gen to pro­duce water vapor — & elec­tric­i­ty to run vehicle’s elec­tric motor
The chal­lenge is find­ing a way to pro­vide hydro­gen fuel it needs
In short term, GM & its com­peti­tors expect to use onboard reform­ers, using Methanol (endorsed by DC & Ford) or gaso­line (pre­ferred by GM)
In long term, GM expects seam­less infra­struc­ture mak­ing it easy to switch the world from fos­sil fuels to hydro­gen

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