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NHTSA offi­cials have to get per­mis­sion from indi­vid­ual tire com­pa­nies before it can share any data with automak­ers
Rep. WT “Bil­ly” Tauzin is chair­man of inves­ti­gat­ing com­mit­tee & House Ener­gy & Com­mit­tee
“Today’s brief­ing sub­stan­ti­at­ed my con­cern that the major­i­ty staff analy­sis was released pre­ma­ture­ly with min­i­mal regard for the very real fears of con­sumers.” — Rep. John D. Din­gell (D-Mich), senior Demo­c­rat on Tauzin’s com­mit­tee
“We have nev­er at any time said these tires were unsafe. All we said is they have tread-sep­a­ra­tion claims greater than the Wilder­ness ATs being replaced by Ford.” — Tauzin spokesman
Significant Points
Inves­ti­gat­ing com­mit­tee request­ed Ford imme­di­ate­ly begin test­ing tires that might have more prob­lems than Fire­stones
NHTSA offi­cials needs @ 30 days to gath­er data from tire man­u­fac­tur­ers, eval­u­ate it, & under­stand it
Con­gres­sion­al inves­ti­ga­tors raised safe­ty ques­tion about Ford’s replace­ment tires for Firestone’s
Motorists won­der­ing about safe­ty of tires will have to wait at least 1-month for answer