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Small­er than SUV but has sim­i­lar flex­i­bil­i­ty; rear seats fold down flat
Cool fea­tures & options for car priced under $20K: AWD, OnStar, 110-volt out­let, 6-CD chang­er
Built at NUMMI (New Unit­ed Motor Man­u­fac­tur­ing Inc) plant in Cal­i­for­nia, top qual­i­ty plant
“It’s not just an impor­tant prod­uct for Pon­ti­ac but for all of GM.” — Craig Bier­ley, Vibe brand man­ag­er
Significant Points
Rad­i­cal design & $26K price tag kept away buy­ers young & old
Every facet of Vibe pack­ag­ing & mar­ket­ing care­ful­ly mapped & run by con­sumer pan­elists
Vibe goes on sale in 18 months
High stakes high for Vibe; if it hits sour note, Pon­ti­ac & GM will have 2nd flop in 2-years (Aztek)