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Significant Points
Gar­rett believes com­ing cuts in CO2 emis­sions can be met with VNT-equipped tur­bo-diesel engines in Europe, CA
Small­er engines can ben­e­fit from tur­bo-charg­ing, says Dr Sha­hed, “with 2L act­ing like 3L”
Old prob­lems met by tur­bos, like accel­er­a­tion “lag” & fail­ure to meet emis­sion stan­dards, now “behind us,” says speak­er, Gar­rett VP for advanced tech
$1B+ com­pa­ny, Gar­rett invent­ed elec­tri­cal­ly-assist­ed tur­bo-charged elec­tron­i­cal­ly con­trolled & total­ly inde­pen­dent of engine speed
Tur­bo-charg­ing demand on rise, espe­cial­ly in Europe, says Dr SM Sha­hed, Gar­rett Engine Boost­ing Sys­tems VP
10% greater fuel econ­o­my aver­aged with tur­bo-diesel engines, 15% with gaso­line engines
Based in Tor­rance, CA, Gar­rett invest­ing $60M in Euro diesel this year to boost capac­i­ty of vari­able noz­zle tur­bine (VNT) tur­bo-charg­ers
Present CA emis­sion stan­dards met by tur­bo engines, but stricter 2007 “clean-clean” rules pose prob­lem
Sha­hed, pres­i­dent-elect of SAE, notes tur­bo vehi­cles bring $200-$500 more in val­ue on remar­ket­ing
33% of Euro mar­ket, or 4.9M units this year, tur­bo-diesels, & 2006 total like­ly to reach 7.3M, or 47%