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“We’re win­ning races right now. We want to get to the point where we keep winning…& become a lega­cy.” — Gary White, GM truck chief
“I like being iden­ti­fied with the #1 sell­ing truck. We’re proud. We want to beat GM com­bined.” — Ralph Seekins, chair­man, Ford Nation­al Deal­er Coun­cil, Anchor­age, AK
Significant Points
Num­bers chase under­scores strength of heavy-duty sec­tor
Thru Nov, GM sold 841.7K Sil­ver­a­dos, Sier­ras in US, Ford 827.3K F-series
GM now sights over­tak­ing Ford in SUV sales in 2002
Con­tin­ued dom­i­nance of US mak­ers in trucks off­sets (some­what) Japan’s leads in cars
Lexus edge thru Nov in luxo seg­ment, Accord/Camry 1–2 place­ments in fam­i­ly-car sales point up US slide
GM bat­tles Ford to win truck sales lau­rel for 2001
Thru Nov, 1-ton Chevy Silverado/GMC Sier­ra led Ford F-series by mere 14K units
If GM duo’s lead holds, 1st time since 1994 Ford lost heavy-duty truck title
Oth­er seg­ments races: Hon­da Accord seek­ing to out­gun Toy­ota Cam­ry as top sell­er over­all; BMW, Lexus, Mer­cedes hus­tling for luxo gold medal
Ford stok­ing deal­ers with big cash pay­outs to sell more F-series mod­els, stave off GM
With 3-weeks to go in 2001, GM still debat­ing whether to add deal­er incen­tives of own to grab “#1 in trucks” ban­ner