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Significant Points
VW gain­ing in N Amer­i­ca w/ hot prod­ucts, time­ly as Pis­chet­srieder takes charge
Despite qual­i­ty slide in JD Pow­er index, VW enjoys “role mod­el” sta­tus for prod­uct influ­en­tials like GM vice-chair Robert A Lutz
Going upscale against own off­spring no sweat for Pis­chet­srieder, as only 5% VW own­ers shop Audi in US
Piech, 65, pos­es poten­tial turf hang-up for Bernd, stay­ing around as chair of VW man­ag­ing board
VW deal­ers solid­ly behind brand
~ 200 of 605 in US ren­o­vat­ing or replac­ing show­rooms in Bernd-pushed ini­tia­tive
Ex-BMW boss Bernd Pis­chet­srieder, 53, under­takes tough task of suc­ceed­ing auto­crat­ic Fer­di­nand Piech
Chal­lenges for Pis­chet­srieder cen­ter on com­ing VW mar­ket expan­sion, qual­i­ty lag
On slate for 2003MY: VW Phaeton luxo sedan at $70K, 1st SUV entry called Touareg (sib of Porsche Cheyenne)
Brand clash­es with sub­sidiary units test Pis­chet­srieder
VW upmar­ket dri­ve bumps into Audi A6/A8 (with this spring’s Pas­sat W8) + Seat/Skoda in Europe

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