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1996 Auto­Na­tion starts build­ing used-car super­stores & buys new-car deal­er­ships
Auto­Na­tion dis­cov­ers it can­not buy inven­to­ry at dis­count even w/ large size
Significant Points
Dec 1999 Auto­Na­tion con­sol­i­dates & closed 23 used-car super­stores
Inte­grat­ed 6-oth­ers into new-car fran­chis­es
Cre­ates new 3-year growth & prof­itabil­i­ty plan
Entire staff now involved w/ morn­ing dis­cus­sions of fresh trades & how to get most mon­ey for them
Auto­Na­tion seeks to increase UC prof­its; iden­ti­fies best prac­tices & imple­ments them through­out chain
Com­pa­ny believes putting Adam Simms in new VP posi­tion & puts them on path for high­er prof­its
Auto­Na­tion, largest new-car deal­er­ship chain in US, boasts $3.9B used-car oper­a­tion
Used cars rep­re­sent ~ 20% of AutoNation’s total sales
Auto­Na­tion wants to increase used-car sales & make total oper­a­tion more cost effi­cient
Cre­ates new posi­tion of VP of Used Vehi­cles
Hires Adam Simms founder of for­mer in San Fran­cis­co

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