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Toy­ota is indus­try leader in sales of cer­ti­fied used-vehi­cles
“Our mind­set before was, ‘Hey, we sell new vehi­cles; (a trade-in is) your prob­lem’.” — Bill Love­joy, VP Sales & Mar­ket­ing, GM
Significant Points
Cer­ti­fied used vehi­cles boost deal­er prof­its & bol­ster resid­u­als by keep­ing up used car prices
GM claims it’s deal­ers can sell 200,000 in 2002 & 400,000 in 2003
GM sold 103,030 cer­ti­fied used vehi­cles in 2001 w/o Cadil­lac, Saab & Sat­urn
GM to sup­port pro­gram to assist deal­ers iden­ti­fy area’s top sell­ing vehi­cles
Will help deal­ers plan inven­to­ry & how much to offer on trade-ins
Poten­tial prob­lem: few­er cer­ti­fi­able used vehi­cles avail­able due to low­er # off-lease units
Toy­ota expects to sell 215,000 cer­ti­fied used vehi­cles this year
Major man­u­fac­tur­ers report­ed 666,000+ sales of cer­ti­fied used vehi­cles in 2001, 53% increase over 2000

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