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“There is no room in this intense­ly com­pet­i­tive envi­ron­ment for any­thing but superb vehi­cles that are prof­itable & can be moved to mar­ket fast.” — Bob Lutz, Gen­er­al Motors Vice Chair­man
Styling VP Wayne K Cher­ry, 64, final­ly wins slot on GM CEO’s strat­e­gy board
But suc­ces­sor to Cher­ry retire­ment next Sept still sought by Lutz
Anoth­er scrapped Zarrel­la idea: focus-group­ing con­cepts BEFORE design starts (Lutz hates focus groups)
GM CEO G Richard Wag­oner, Jr ordered over­haul to speed devel­op­ment of prof­itable vehi­cles soon­er than before
Lutz’ new sys­tem not unlike what he did at Chrysler as pres­i­dent
Lutz took 3-mos to undo sys­tem implant­ed by depart­ed GM N Amer­i­ca pres Ronald L Zarrel­la
Lutz defines main goal, slash­ing new-prod­uct design time for bet­ter prod­ucts
2-young­sters pirat­ed from GM rivals pro­mot­ed to exec direc­tors: Renault’s Anne Ase­nio, 38, & Chrysler’s Bryan Nes­bitt, 32
Mark T Hogan, 50, made vehi­cle devel­op­ment group VP, after e-GM pres­i­den­cy stint