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Oth­er Fusion SUV foes in entry-lev­el mar­ket: Hyundai San­ta Fe, Sat­urn Vue, Pon­ti­ac Vibe, Toy­ota Matrix, Hon­da Pilot
Significant Points
Ford scur­ries to restore posi­tion in entry-lev­el mar­ket where Kore­ans make waves
Toyota’s ini­tia­tive for ded­i­cat­ed entry-lev­el line in US sends shock waves thru Big-3
Watch for Mer­cedes to speed fed­er­al­iz­ing of A-Class, Smart cars to keep pace w/ Fusion, Sportage, San­ta Fe
For its part, GM looks to junior-sized cars, SUVs from part­ners Fiat, Suzu­ki
Once con­sid­ered too tiny for US inter­state dri­ving, subcompact/minicompact seg­ment now poised to burst open
Would com­pete w/ Kore­an $17,500 Kia Sportage, under-price US-built com­pact Escape
Using glob­al Fies­ta plat­form, Fusion to be dis­played @ Mar Gene­va show
Larg­er engine need­ed for US, since Euro ver­sion uses 1.1L tur­bo rat­ed at 100 hp
New $1.3B plant in Bahia, Brazil assem­bles Fusions
Plant work­ing below capac­i­ty due to S Amer­i­ca reces­sion