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Wing­cast will also pro­vide their tech­nol­o­gy in Ford vehi­cles in near future
Significant Points
Con­sumers no longer lim­it­ed to spe­cif­ic vehi­cle to expe­ri­ence telem­at­ics ser­vice
Pre­vi­ous­ly telem­at­ics space large­ly been ruled by OnStar.
OnStar is rich in valu­able fea­tures but is poor busi­ness mod­el for telem­at­ics com­pa­nies
OnStar is pro­pri­etary (only avail­able in GM vehi­cles) & iso­lat­ed (only avail­able in car)
Wing­cast is much more fun­da­men­tal depar­ture from OnStar busi­ness mod­el
Wing­cast inte­grat­ing tech­nol­o­gy into “telem­at­ics net­work” to pro­vide con­sumers w/ most robust solu­tion pos­si­ble & great­est val­ue
Wing­cast recent­ly announced agree­ment w/ Nis­san to offer new telem­at­ics busi­ness mod­el
Wing­cast estab­lished 2-part­ner­ships-w/ Ver­i­zon Wire­less & BeVo­cal-that offer voice-acti­vat­ed ser­vices thru Wing­cast device
Nis­san N America’s agree­ment pro­vides Wing­cast telem­at­ics ser­vices in 2003 Infini­ti G35 Coup, G35 Sedan, M45, & G45
Marks shift in telem­at­ics indus­try
Nis­san offers hand­set to uti­lize Wing­cast ser­vice out­side of the car
OnStar telem­at­ics mod­el is not as robust or flex­i­ble as Wing­cast mod­el hopes to be


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