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“When you look at the Kore­an auto­mo­bile mar­ket, it is dom­i­nat­ed by Hyundai and Kia, and there needs to be an ele­ment of com­pe­ti­tion for the entire indus­try to grow.” — Nick Reil­ly, head of GM’s Dae­woo acqui­si­tion team
“GM intends to keep Daewoo’s best cars from the US. GM only wants to bring one or two mod­els into the US to be sold as Chevro­lets.” — Adver­tise­ment pur­chased by Daewoo’s US deal­er coun­cil
“Hyundai has achieved great suc­cess in the US recent­ly. As Dae­woo deal­ers, we feel that Dae­woo can match and even exceed that kind of suc­cess.” — Dae­woo deal­ers adver­tise­ment
“There are vir­tu­al­ly no mod­els which would con­flict with GM vehi­cles, and one could cer­tain­ly con­sid­er the pos­si­bil­i­ty of build­ing Dae­woo cars in the US.” — Kang Young-jik, Dae­woo Motors gen­er­al man­ag­er for US mar­ket­ing
Significant Points
Dae­woo deal­ers wor­ry GM will restrict flow of com­pet­i­tive Dae­woo vehi­cles to US
Dae­woo sold 48,000 units in US in 2001; Hyundai sold 346,000

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