US Sales of Gas-Sipping Hybrids Pale in Comparison to Japan’s Guzzling SUVs, Pickups; Environmentalists Decry Product Strategy

Toy­ota, Nis­san and Hon­da have intro­duced 10 new pick­up trucks and SUVs but only 3 small hybrids since 1999
Japan­ese Big-3 sold about 471K new pickups/SUVs in US, not count­ing huge sales of exist­ing Lexus RX-300 or Nis­san Pathfind­er; Toy­ota and Hon­da sold about 35K hybrids
Cur­rent cor­po­rate aver­age fuel econ­o­my (CAFE) sys­tem requires each automaker’s annu­al fleet of pas­sen­ger cars to aver­age 27.5 mpg
Light trucks includ­ing SUV, pick­ups and mini­vans required to aver­age 20.7 mpg; the 22.2 mpg by MY07

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