Arrests at Mitsu for Alleged Professional Negligence; DCX Threatens Suit Over Defect Coverup

Katsuhiko Kawasoe

Japan­ese police arrest­ed a for­mer head of Mit­subishi Motors and five oth­ers relat­ed to sus­pi­cion of pro­fes­sion­al neg­li­gence that led to the death of a truck dri­ver two-years ago. If found guilty, the sus­pects face as many as five-years in prison or max­i­mum fine of $4,530. Daim­ler­Chrysler AG may sue Mit­subishi Motors over qual­i­ty prob­lems and the law­suit could deep­en finan­cial woes of the cash-strapped Japan­ese automak­er.

Mit­su spun off Mit­subishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corp in Jan­u­ary 2003
Now owned 65% by Daim­ler­Chrysler and 20% by Mit­su
DCX paid $474M for a big­ger stake in Fuso
DCX effort to get a stronger foothold in the Asian truck mar­ket

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