Redesigned Nuclear Power Plant May be Solution to Economical Hydrogen Production


Gov­ern­ment nuclear lab researchers and a ceram­ics com­pa­ny have found a way to pro­duce pure hydro­gen with far less ener­gy than oth­er meth­ods.

Elec­trol­y­sis runs elec­tric cur­rent through water, split­ting H2O mol­e­cule into hydro­gen and oxy­gen
US dis­con­tin­ued build­ing nuclear reac­tors for elec­tric­i­ty pro­duc­tion
NOx emis­sions con­tribute to the for­ma­tion of ground lev­el ozone (smog)
CO2 is a pri­ma­ry green­house gas con­tribut­ing to glob­al warm­ing