Toyota Advises US Government that New CAFE Standards May Impact US Sales


An unusu­al com­ment in a small sec­tion of Toyota’s annu­al report filed with US reg­u­la­tors indi­cates that tighter CAFE stan­dards for the 2005-07 mod­el years adopt­ed in 2003 could be prob­lem for the Japan­ese automak­er. NHTSA left the car stan­dard at 27.5 mpg but raised light-trucks from 20.7 to 22.2.

Cor­po­rate aver­age fuel econ­o­my (CAFE) stan­dards 1st adopt­ed by Con­gress in 1975
Nation­al High­way Traf­fic Safe­ty Admin­is­tra­tion (NHTSA) estab­lished new CAFE stan­dards
US did not rat­i­fy Kyoto Pro­to­col that would require 7% CO2 reduc­tion
Toy­ota is Japan’s largest automak­er