Trucking Industry Seeks National Database for Driver Alcohol, Drug Tests


Drug and alco­hol abuse among truck dri­vers has remained at 2 — 2.5% since test­ing began. Only 5 states have data­bas­es to track vio­la­tions. The ATA is ask­ing Con­gress to fund cre­ation of a nation­al data­base aimed at get­ting prob­lem drug and/or alco­hol users off the road per­ma­nent­ly by mak­ing it eas­i­er for car­ri­ers to check sta­tus.

Oth­er ATA safe­ty ini­tia­tives include call for uni­ver­sal pri­ma­ry safe­ty belt laws
Greater enforce­ment of traf­fic laws against unsafe dri­ving around large trucks
Lim­it on max­i­mum speed of large trucks to 68 mph