NHTSA Proposing Simplified Tire Label to Inform Consumers About Fuel Impact, Safety, Tread Life

- June 17, 2009

NHTSA is propos­ing a sim­pli­fied tire label to bet­ter inform con­sumers about the fuel-econ­o­my impact of rolling resis­tance as well as safe­ty and tread life. They esti­mate that up to 2% of fuel could be saved as con­sumers migrate to bet­ter tires.

Goodyear says Assur­ance Fuel Max has 27% less rolling resis­tance than con­ven­tion­al tires
Miche­lin says Ener­gy Saver A/S is 8% more fuel effi­cient than oth­er tires in its class



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