Better Place to Pilot Electric Car Battery Swap


Detroit News - August 26, 2009

Elec­tric car bat­ter­ies can be recharged, but heavy-use appli­ca­tions like cabs require quick­er turn­around. Cal­i­for­nia firm Bet­ter Place offers bat­tery-switch­ing tech­nol­o­gy which will be test­ed in Tokyo cabs ear­ly next year.

Taxis only 2% of pas­sen­ger cars on Japan’s roads
Pro­duce 20% of CO2 vehi­cle emis­sions because of dis­tances taxis trav­el
Nis­san and Renault team­ing w/ Bet­ter Place in some areas
Bet­ter Place also try­ing to form ties w/ oth­er automak­ers

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