Difficulty Recruiting Drivers Will Drive Up Freight Costs


- June 7, 2010

The improv­ing U.S. econ­o­my is increas­ing freight demand, but dri­vers are unwill­ing to come back for reduced wages. Those that are hired will need to be trained, but truck­ing com­pa­nies have reduced capac­i­ty there, too, mak­ing a return to nor­mal oper­a­tions dif­fi­cult.

Dri­ver pay decreased 6.6% from 3rd Q, 2007, thru 1st Q, 2010
Low pay caus­ing dri­vers to stay on unem­ploy­ment
CSA 2010 = Fed­er­al Motor Car­ri­er Safe­ty Administration’s Com­pre­hen­sive Safe­ty Analy­sis 2010