Automakers Initiate Own Recalls Amidst Toyota Fines, Public Backlash


- August 23, 2010

Automak­ers have increased the fre­quen­cy and reduced the thresh­old for vol­un­tary recalls of vehi­cles with safe­ty relat­ed prob­lems. This is par­tial­ly due to con­sumers’ reac­tion to automak­ers who appear to be try­ing to cov­er up prob­lems and par­tial­ly due to NHTSA pass­ing out big­ger fines. Both cas­es were exem­pli­fied by Toy­ota recent­ly.

More than 22.4M recall notices were sent to con­sumers last 12 months
Includes 10M from Toy­ota and 428 from Lam­borgh­i­ni