Electric Delivery Trucks Beat Electric Cars to U.S. Roadways

Frito-Lay Truck

- December 6, 2010

Bat­tery-pow­ered cars will begin appear­ing soon in dri­ve­ways of con­sumers, but elec­tric vehi­cles already are gain­ing ear­ly trac­tion in anoth­er realm: com­mer­cial deliv­ery fleets. Sta­ples Inc., the Frito-Lay, FedEx Corp., AT&T Inc. and a few oth­er com­pa­nies have begun pur­chas­ing elec­tric deliv­ery trucks. Pro­po­nents say they make more sense in many ways than elec­tric cars. That’s because deliv­ery trucks gen­er­al­ly dri­ve short, defined routes each day, which are bet­ter suit­ed to the lim­it­ed range of bat­tery pow­er.

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