Fuel-Efficient Vehicle Values Looking at 15-Percent Correction


- July 7, 2011

Through­out the first half of the year, Kel­ley Blue Book reit­er­at­ed that it has report­ed remark­able strength among val­ues of fuel-effi­cient sub­com­pact, com­pact and hybrid vehi­cles. From Jan­u­ary through May, ana­lysts deter­mined fuel-effi­cient vehi­cle val­ues increased 20 to 25 per­cent, far sur­pass­ing the over­all used-mar­ket aver­age increase of 5 per­cent dur­ing the same time peri­od. With fuel costs drop­ping, how­ev­er, prices for fuel-effi­cient mod­els have been soft­en­ing.