Ford to Offer EcoBoost on Most Nameplates by 2013

Automotive News - August 28, 2011

Ford’s focus for the future is on improved fuel econ­o­my which it will achieve by mak­ing its vehi­cles small­er and engines lighter with­out sac­ri­fic­ing per­for­mance, safe­ty or lux­u­ry. It also wants to attract upscale cus­tomers and new buy­ers with more prod­uct offer­ings. Most of its North Amer­i­can name­plates will be avail­able with direct-injec­tion tur­bocharged Eco­Boost engines as stan­dard equip­ment or as an option by 2013. Eco­Boost will be offered as an option on five of Ford’s 15 North Amer­i­can name­plates by the end of this year.