High-Tech Devices Make Cars More Vulnerable to Thieves

Car Theft

Detroit Bureau - August 8, 2011

Two researchers demon­strat­ed at the Black Hat con­fer­ence their abil­i­ty to not only unlock a Sub­aru Out­back but start up its engine using only an Android smart­phone and some cre­ative pro­gram­ming. They used a tech­nique called “war tex­ting” to inter­cept the pass­word used by the car they hijacked although indus­try offi­cials claim that is not sup­posed to be pos­si­ble. The demon­stra­tion presents the pos­si­bil­i­ty that car thieves will trade up for key­boards and smart­phones, gain­ing entry to the newest mod­els that haven’t been prop­er­ly pro­grammed to pre­vent hack­ers from gain­ing access.

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