Many Truck Drivers Bewildered by CSA Safety Rules

Transport Topics - August 14, 2011

A sur­vey of 4500 truck dri­vers con­duct­ed by the Amer­i­can Trans­porta­tion Research Insti­tute indi­cates a low under­stand­ing of the Fed­er­al Motor Car­ri­er Safe­ty Administration’s CSA sys­tem. Almost 80% of dri­vers sur­veyed said the Com­pli­ance, Safe­ty, and Account­abil­i­ty pro­gram which began in Decem­ber would not reduce the num­ber of truck-involved crash­es. Among oth­er find­ings, about 22% saw an increase in safe­ty aware­ness while 10% felt there was a decrease in safe­ty behav­iors and 68% observed no changes. The ATA says the sur­vey shows the more edu­cat­ed dri­vers are about CSA, the more like­ly they are to sup­port it.