U.K. Companies Look for Ways to Cut Fuel Costs

Fuel costs

FleetNews - July 31, 2011

Fleets in the U.K. are sav­ing fuel by using fuel cards, increas­ing the num­ber of low­er CO2/high-mpg vehi­cles, encour­ag­ing dri­vers to fill up at super­mar­ket pumps, check­ing tire pres­sures and pro­vid­ing dri­vers with tips on dri­ving more fuel effi­cient­ly. Some U.K. fleet oper­a­tors are tak­ing a more proac­tive approach than oth­ers. Choos­ing vehi­cles with improved fuel effi­cien­cy is the eas­i­est step. Fuel cards mon­i­tor the fig­ures dri­vers are achiev­ing and high­light which might be cost­ing the com­pa­ny more mon­ey while also help­ing to pre­vent fuel fraud. Dri­vers are encour­aged to check their tire pres­sure as under-inflat­ed tires increase fuel con­sump­tion by 4%.