U.K.‘s IAM Says Young Drivers Need Training to Avoid Crashes

Car accident

- August 22, 2011

A report issued by U.K. road safe­ty char­i­ty IAM says young dri­vers under age 20 are 15 per­cent more like­ly to crash than old­er dri­vers because of mis­takes at the wheel or react­ing bad­ly to risks on the road. Con­tribut­ing fac­tors in crash­es by younger dri­vers include loss of con­trol, trav­el­ing too fast for road con­di­tions, exceed­ing the speed lim­it, and sud­den brak­ing. Alco­hol was a fac­tor in 4.6 per­cent of crash­es for the 17–24 age group com­pared to three per­cent for the 25–69 age groups. Young car dri­vers made up 27 per­cent of all car dri­ver fatal­i­ties, and more than 2000 were killed or seri­ous­ly injured in 2009.