Using Technology to Track Truck Driver Behavior

Drowsy driver

- August 1, 2011

Advances in trans­porta­tion research that gave sci­en­tists the tools they need­ed to prop­er­ly exe­cute human fac­tors are increas­ing inter­est in putting cam­eras and sen­sors in and on work trucks. Sci­en­tists are using research strat­e­gy that com­bines tight­ly con­trolled sim­u­la­tor dri­ving, care­ful­ly mon­i­tored runs on closed tracks and intense scruti­ny of work­ing truck­ers on rev­enue runs to help researchers trans­late obser­va­tions about dri­ver behav­ior. Through the use of sim­u­la­tors, a com­put­er vision sys­tem can tell where a dri­ver is look­ing. A driver’s eye posi­tion is one of the most read­i­ly quan­tifi­able fac­tors in truck-safe­ty as a com­put­er can now deter­mine a driver’s lev­el of fatigue.

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