Engine Makers Improve Fuel Economy Using Emissions-Controlling Technologies

- August 31, 2011

In a move towards small­er engines with more pow­er, medi­um-duty truck engine mak­ers have turned their atten­tion back to improv­ing fuel econ­o­my after more than a decade of focus­ing on con­trol­ling emis­sions. Isuzu Com­mer­cial Truck of Amer­i­ca and Mit­subishi Fuso are two man­u­fac­tur­ers who said their new trucks will get up to 20% bet­ter fuel mileage than their pre­de­ces­sors due to new fuel-eco­nom­i­cal engines. Truck buy­ers will find the engine tech­nolo­gies added to meet emis­sions stan­dards over the past decade will make it eas­i­er to meet the new 2014 stan­dards for fuel effi­cien­cy and green­house gas­es.