Many Drivers Unwilling to Pay for Car Safety Features


- September 5, 2001

A recent MetLife Auto & Home Amer­i­can Safe­ty Pulse poll found most dri­vers pre­fer to spend their mon­ey on GPS (63%) over safe­ty fea­tures such as elec­tron­ic sta­bil­i­ty con­trol (45%). Elec­tron­ic sta­bil­i­ty con­trol sig­nif­i­cant­ly decreas­es the like­li­hood of a sin­gle-vehi­cle crash by up to 59% and pro­vides a 23% reduc­tion in the prob­a­bil­i­ty of fatal crash­es, but only one-third of respon­dents said they would pay extra for the fea­ture. Almost one-third (31%) had nev­er heard of elec­tron­ic sta­bil­i­ty con­trol. Less than half of respon­dents were famil­iar with oth­er safe­ty fea­tures such as brake assist, for­ward col­li­sion, and lane depar­ture warn­ings.