Start-Stop Batteries Help Gasoline Cars Improve Mileage

Start-Stop Battery

Business Week - August 31, 2011

John­son Con­trols’ start-stop bat­ter­ies are designed to improve mileage by about 5 per­cent and help car­mak­ers meet new fed­er­al­ly-man­dat­ed effi­cien­cy stan­dards of 54.5 mpg by 2025. When a vehi­cle with start-stop bat­ter­ies comes to a halt, so does its engine, sav­ing fuel and boost­ing miles per gal­lon. The car’s advanced bat­tery keeps the lights on and the stereo play­ing until the ped­al is pressed and the engine restarts. Stop-start sys­tems include not only the bat­tery but brake sen­sors and oth­er cus­tom car parts and should add about $500 to the pur­chase price of a new car.