Toyota Looks to Hybrids for U.S. Sales Revival

- December 4, 2011

Toy­ota says hybrids are a large part of its growth strat­e­gy, and the automak­er plans to intro­duce two new Prius mod­els next spring and enter new hybrid seg­ments such as big pick­ups. Toy­ota exec­u­tives said the com­pa­ny could dou­ble the num­ber of gaso­line-elec­tric vehi­cles sold annu­al­ly in North Amer­i­ca to 400,000 by 2015. With lag­ging U.S. sales brought on by recalls and the Japan earth­quake, Toy­ota hopes to Boost glob­al hybrid sales to 1.2 mil­lion units annu­al­ly by 2015.