How Social Media Delivers Before, During & After the Sale

Social Media is a valu­able resource to lis­ten for sales oppor­tu­ni­ties. When you spend the time and effort to build your online com­mu­ni­ty, con­ver­sa­tions arise that bear fruit. Social allows you a glimpse at where each fan/follower is in their sales process. From the very top of the sales fun­nel (not nec­es­sar­i­ly inter­est­ed in buy­ing) to the bot­tom (ready to buy this week­end), you are privy to each person’s needs and wants.

Here’s how mas­ter­ing Social Media can help you facil­i­tate the sale from top to bot­tom:

• Before the Sale

This is where Social con­tent mar­ket­ing is vital. Ask your­self, “Who is my cus­tomer?” Once you know what they’re inter­est­ed in, once you’ve defined where they live, what they like and how they buy, you write and pub­lish con­tent rel­e­vant to them.

• Dur­ing the Sale
Take the time to find out which Social plat­forms the cus­tomers are on and ask them to become part of your net­work. Video tes­ti­mo­ni­als are awe­some, give great Social proof to oth­ers, and can be record­ed right there in the moment with a smart­phone.  re they a repeat cus­tomer? Ask them what it was that brought them back.  Are they new? Ask them why they chose your store.  Social Media allows deal­er­ships to inter­act with more peo­ple on a broad­er basis more reg­u­lar­ly. Use Social Media to com­mu­ni­cate every­thing that’s great about the pur­chase process.

• After the Sale
The peri­od direct­ly after a pur­chase is the best time to get your cus­tomer talk­ing about it on Social Media. Online rat­ings sites give them a mega­phone to speak from. Peo­ple spend huge sums of mon­ey on their vehi­cles so why not help them acknowl­edge what they’re spend­ing so they can appre­ci­ate it even more! Social gives your cus­tomer a way to tell oth­ers why they bought from you and what’s great about the car. Help them rec­og­nize and respond to the expe­ri­ence they just had by pro­vid­ing the plat­form for them to speak.

And what bet­ter way to “stay in touch” than on Social Media! Any­where in the sales process, if you can stay con­nect­ed, you increase your chances of top of mind aware­ness. The more they hear from you, the less prompt­ing they’ll need when it’s time to con­sid­er a pur­chase.

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