10 Tips to Boost Your EdgeRank

Face­book is a top­ic that has been near­ly beat­en to death at indus­try events.  It seems every deal­er not liv­ing under a rock has a Face­book page, but few are tak­ing the actions nec­es­sary to build their Face­book EdgeR­ank to a point where mes­sages the deal­er posts are able to get through to a crit­i­cal mass of users.

EdgeR­ank is an impor­tant Face­book search algo­rithm for deal­ers to under­stand because if it isn’t opti­mized, most of your fans will nev­er see your posts.  With­out build­ing your con­tent strat­e­gy with EdgeR­ank in mind, your Face­book page could look like a tum­ble­weed-filled ghost town.

Here are sev­er­al tips you can lever­age to build and main­tain a stronger EdgeR­ank:

• If you haven’t already been auto­mat­i­cal­ly con­vert­ed to it, adopt the new Face­book Time­line and fill out your deal­er­ship time­line using pho­tos of your store and vehi­cles that have been sold there.  For exam­ple, if your store has a lot of his­to­ry, you could share pho­tos of clas­sic cars dat­ed to when they were released or his­tor­i­cal pho­tos of your store.

• On the top­ic of engag­ing fans who vis­it your page, learn how to con­trol the con­tent on your Face­book page and make it more notice­able with recent­ly released fea­tures such as cov­er pho­tos, starred posts, pinned posts and chang­ing post dates.

• Keep the text in posts short and keep the lan­guage sim­ple.

• Ask ques­tions.  A study per­formed by Bud­dy Media found that ques­tions start­ing with “where,” “when,” “would” and “should” gen­er­at­ed more engage­ment.  Fill-in-the-blank style ques­tions also work well.

• When you want to share a link, try shar­ing a pho­to instead with the text and link as the cap­tion to a pho­to.  The pho­to will catch more eye­balls and gen­er­ate more engage­ment than just text and a link.

•Along the same lines, make it a point to share pho­to and video con­tent on a reg­u­lar basis.

Click here to read more tips by Alex Schoeneberg­er, Mar­ket­ing Man­ag­er at Kel­ley Blue Book. Reach out to Alex via the con­tact form or by call­ing 1–800-BLUE-BOOK.



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