Blue Book Market Report – May 2012

Alec Gutier­rez
Senior Mar­ket Ana­lyst of Auto­mo­tive Insights
Kel­ley Blue Book

Blue Book Mar­ket Report – May 2012

Aver­age used-com­pact should decline no more than 1% to 2% per month through sum­mer before lev­el­ing off some­time in Q4. The val­ue of high demand fuel-sip­pers that have aggres­sive­ly out­paced aver­age mar­ket increas­es will like­ly exceed these declines.

W/ Gas Prices Down, Sub­com­pact, Com­pact, and Hybrid Cars Should Retreat from Cur­rent High:
Declines should be mild and gen­er­al­ly in line with sea­son­al depre­ci­a­tion.
5 Vehi­cles at Risk for High Val­ue Reten­tion, Mak­ing New Mod­els Attrac­tive:
2010 Toy­ota Prius & 2011 Toy­ota Yaris, Chevy Cruze, Toy­ota Corol­la, and Kia Soul.
Full-Size Pick­up and SUV Val­ues Should Remain Sta­ble and Con­tin­ue to Suf­fer only Mod­est Declines through Spring:
Caused by tight­ened sup­ply from mar­ket pan­ic in 2008, and robust trends in con­struc­tion indus­try.



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