FedEx Makes Huge Fuel Efficiency Strides, Feds Propose Rule to Prevent Rollover Crashes, Crude Oil Prices Continue Slide, Pointless Management Practices

FedEx Clos­es in on Vehi­cle Fleet Fuel Effi­cien­cy Goal Years Ahead of Sched­ule
Twen­ty per­cent of FedEx Express vehi­cle pick­up and deliv­ery fleet already con­vert­ed to clean­er and more fuel-effi­cient mod­els; fleet is now 16.6 per­cent more fuel effi­cient through FY2011 than it was in 2005. Learn  more

USDOT Pro­pos­es Ground­break­ing Rule to Pre­vent Rollover Crash­es for Nation’s Large Trucks, Bus­es
Agency research shows ESC tech­nol­o­gy could pre­vent up to 56 per­cent of rollover crash­es each year—the dead­liest among all crash types—and anoth­er 14 per­cent of loss-of-con­trol crash­es. Learn more

Crude Oil Prices Con­tin­ue to Fall as Sup­plies Grow
The price of oil con­tin­ued to decline Wednes­day on the expec­ta­tion that world mar­kets will be flush with extra sup­plies this year. Learn more

Point­less Man­age­ment Prac­tices to Nuke
CEOs and lead­er­ship teams have chopped hard costs to the bone. Now they’re look­ing at soft costs—the human time spent on man­age­ment prac­tices that have gone unex­am­ined for years. If your peo­ple weren’t wast­ing time on point­less man­age­ment exer­cis­es, what could they do for your cus­tomers and share­hold­ers? Learn more



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