Five Easy Ways to Increase Your Website Conversion This Month

Website Conversion

With more shop­pers turn­ing to the Inter­net to pur­chase, there is no bet­ter time than now for auto­mo­tive deal­ers to ded­i­cate more time, atten­tion and resources to opti­miz­ing the per­for­mance of your web­site. It is impor­tant for deal­er­ships to real­ize that dri­ving more traf­fic to your web­site will not improve your dealership’s Inter­net busi­ness if you don’t do any­thing to keep online shop­pers on your Web­site after they arrive. 

Here are five ways to increase your web­site con­ver­sion:

1. Elim­i­nate the “Sub­mit” but­ton: Change the text of your but­ton to a more shop­ping cen­tric word that entices the shop­per to take the next step. “Sub­mit,” sounds like a forced response. Instead, use phras­es like, “Get Start­ed” or “Pro­ceed to Next Step.” Online shop­pers are in the buy­ing state of mind so much so, that a lot of retail­ers are now using “Pro­ceed to Check­out,” to mim­ic offline shop­ping in stores.

2. Make the address on your web­site click­able: This might sound strange, but hun­dreds of heatmaps of shop­pers using deal­er­ship web­sites reveal a shock­ing amount of peo­ple try­ing to click on the address. Shop­pers high­light, copy and paste the address into a sep­a­rate map­ping pro­gram. Link your address to dri­ving direc­tions and make it acces­si­ble from every page of your web­site.

3. Use live chat to instant­ly increase your web­site lead count: Imple­ment­ing live chat on your web­site is one of the fastest and most effec­tive way to dou­ble your lead vol­ume. Live chat con­verts between one and three per­cent of your shop­pers into a live chat con­ver­sa­tion. Choos­ing a trust­ed auto­mo­tive live chat ven­dor like activEn­gage will turn those con­ver­sa­tions into leads who walk into your deal­er­ship.

4. Test a page: To test a page on your web­site to help find out what you need to increase your con­ver­sion, use Google’s Web­site opti­miz­er pro­gram. Oth­er pro­grams exist that do this type of test­ing, but it’s hard to beat Google’s free and easy-to-use-sys­tem.

5. Turn your “thank you” page into a con­nec­tion page: Have a cool, “thank you” page with links to your blog and social media points instead of just return­ing them to your home­page after a form has been filled out. It’s much eas­i­er to con­nect with shop­pers on Face­book or Twit­ter once they show inter­est in doing busi­ness with your deal­er­ship.

These five sim­ple steps can improve your website’s con­ver­sion in no time!

Ket­ty Colom is a Social Media Spe­cial­ist at activEn­gage, Inc. and can be reached at [email protected] or by call­ing 1–800-441‑7779.



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