Nissan Leaf Expected to See 95% in Trade-in Value

Plug-in elec­tric vehi­cles have been on the mar­ket long enough to receive mar­ket val­ue analy­sis from the NADA Offi­cial Used Car Guide. The num­bers so far are look­ing very good. Accord­ing to its June edi­tion, the NADA Guide will project the aver­age trade-in val­ues for one-year-old Nis­san Leaf and Chevro­let Volt sedans. The Guide will project the aver­age trade-in val­ue for a typ­i­cal­ly equipped 2011 Nis­san Leaf SV at $23,975, or 95% of its stick­er price after the $7,500 fed­er­al tax cred­it. The Volt will trade-in for $29,325, or 90% of its trade-in val­ue after the tax cred­it.

Low sup­plies and high gaso­line prices should keep the mar­ket val­ues sta­ble in the near term, an NADA ana­lyst said. The tax cred­it dis­count behaves more like a tra­di­tion­al cash incen­tive ver­sus a finance incen­tive that you don’t see, accord­ing to NADA ana­lyst May­nard Brown. In com­par­i­son, a typ­i­cal­ly equipped 2011 Hon­da Civic Hybrid has a pro­ject­ed trade-in val­ue of 76% of its price, and a 2011 Toy­ota Prius is at 88%. The mar­ket could change late this year and into next when rental car com­pa­nies should retire some of their Leafs and Volts, and sup­ply will increase and val­ues would soft­en.



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