Venchurs Running Truck Demo Fleet with CNG Ford Pickups

Bi-fuel sys­tems offer­ing fleets alter­na­tive fuels such as com­pressed nat­ur­al gas and propane auto­gas are gain­ing a lot of atten­tion and accep­tance from fleet buy­ers around the coun­try. has launched a new nation­wide demo fleet pro­gram where work truck fleet man­agers and buy­ers can put the new tech­nol­o­gy to the test. Fleets that are inter­est­ed in adding CNG Ford F-250s or F-350s to their work­force will have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to apply for Venchurs’ short term loan­er pro­gram. Of all the Ford Qual­i­fied Vehi­cle Mod­i­fiers (QVMs), Venchurs is proud to offer the largest demo pro­gram. “The ben­e­fits of CNG are immense, and inte­grat­ing alter­na­tive ener­gy vehi­cles into a fleet is a big deci­sion,” says Ter­ry Karges, VP of Sales and Mar­ket­ing for VVS.

Com­pressed nat­ur­al gas has been mak­ing head­lines late­ly thanks to low­er fuel and main­te­nance costs, extend­ed vehi­cle ser­vice life, reduced emis­sions, a high­er safe­ty rat­ing and the abil­i­ty to stem depen­den­cy on for­eign oil. The Bi-Fuel sys­tem allows for seam­less “on-the-fly” switch­ing between CNG and gaso­line, offer­ing a total fuel range of up to 650 miles.



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