Yes, There’s An App for That, Too

- May 3, 2012

Technology Now Let’s Collectors Keep an Eye on That Prize in the Garage

Do you have a restored clas­sic ’57   Bel Air in your garage at home? Do you wor­ry about van­dals and thieves dam­ag­ing or steal­ing your pride and joy? Not to wor­ry, tech­nol­o­gy is com­ing to your res­cue with a .

designed and sells the IZON Remote Room Mon­i­tor which can give you a live image of what’s hap­pen­ing in your garage, or anoth­er space, 24–7. Install the system’s cam­era and oth­er elec­tron­ic com­po­nents in the room to be mon­i­tored. Or you can watch what your child’s up to with iZON’s remote baby mon­i­tor. Then install the mon­i­tor­ing soft­ware on an iOS-equipped devise. The sys­tem has a sug­gest­ed retail of $129.95 and Stem Inno­va­tion claims it can be set up in 10 min­utes or less. The use the sys­tem does require a Wi-Fi con­nec­tion. Once online, the user can be any­where to access live views from the cam­era. Mul­ti­ple cam­eras can be used to view more than one room or area.

In the past such mon­i­tor­ing required a third-par­ty provider to mon­i­tor activ­i­ty at a home or busi­ness. Now tech­nol­o­gy has brought this abil­i­ty to the iPhone. While deal­er­ships will still need secu­ri­ty cam­eras and pro­fes­sion­al mon­i­tor­ing, peo­ple are now able to mon­i­tor per­son­al items of val­ue. The pos­si­bil­i­ties are end­less from watch­ing the ’57 Chevy parked in the garage to mak­ing sure the kids arrive home at mid­night as promised.

As they say, “There’s an App for that.”



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