You Say You’re From the DOSH?

Have you been caught off guard in the past when a DOSH (State of Wash­ing­ton Depart­ment of Safe­ty & Health) Com­pli­ance Inspec­tor appeared at your place of busi­ness? Did you pan­ic or were you ful­ly pre­pared? Take the time – ahead of time – to review an excel­lent webi­nar on a vis­it from the DOSH, includ­ing the top 3 rea­sons why busi­ness­es are inspect­ed, the types of DOSH inspec­tions and your rights and the cost­ly dan­gers of not being pre­pared.

for an excel­lent webi­nar from Com­pli on prepar­ing for a vis­it from the DOSH.



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