5 Tips for Mobile Marketing Success

All pol­i­tics is local, as the say­ing goes, but so is the auto­mo­tive deal­er­ship busi­ness. Which today means, if you’re a deal­er then it is absolute­ly essen­tial that you mar­ket on mobile plat­forms, such as smart­phones and tablets.  Why?  Because accord­ing to a 2011 study more than 50 per­cent of all local search­es are per­formed on mobile devices. What’s more, mobile Inter­net usage is expect­ed to sur­pass desk­top Inter­net usage by 2014.

When adding mobile devices to your mar­ket­ing mix, here are five tools or tech­niques to con­sid­er:

#1 Mobile-Friend­ly Web­site: The first step is to be mobile-friend­ly by hav­ing a sep­a­rate mobile web site, opti­mized for dis­play on smart­phones and tablets. Your mobile site must load fast, have sim­ple nav­i­ga­tion, be free of clut­ter, and pro­vide con­tent that fits a small­er screen (if pos­si­ble, no zoom­ing or pinch­ing required). Make sure your site is opti­mized for both local search­es and imme­di­ate action, includ­ing GPS maps and click-to-call but­tons.  Min­i­mize your use of Flash or find a sub­sti­tute for it, as Apple mobile devices are still not using Flash. Your mobile-friend­ly site should work in both hor­i­zon­tal and ver­ti­cal for­mats. Above all, your main site should auto­mat­i­cal­ly redi­rect to the mobile-friend­ly ver­sion of your site when accessed from a mobile device.

#2 SEO Mobile: SEO mobile is like reg­u­lar SEO, only dif­fer­ent.  Clear, con­cise key­words are crit­i­cal for SEO, of course, but a mobile search expe­ri­ence could also include type of device and cur­rent loca­tion as key ele­ments in how search engines rank your results. Remem­ber, mobile users typ­i­cal­ly access the web with a small device, tap­ping either a hard key­pad or a vir­tu­al one. And, most like­ly, they’re mul­ti-task­ing, jug­gling their palm-sized smart­phone while rid­ing a bus, watch­ing a movie or pre­tend­ing to lis­ten to a bor­ing lec­ture. Accord­ing to research, 15 char­ac­ters and 40 sec­onds define the aver­age mobile search. That’s not a lot of time or space to work with, so the rule of thumb in SEO mobile is “less is best.”

#3 Geo-mar­ket­ing: Geo-mar­ket­ing is your dealership’s online pres­ence, inven­to­ry, and spe­cial offers in front of a local poten­tial car buy­er who is using his or her mobile device to research the mar­ket. Such buy­ers now have a real-time shop­ping assis­tant in their smart­phone, which includes a GPS chip that can iden­ti­fy both where they are and where your near­est deal­er­ship is locat­ed. Remem­ber to ver­i­fy your busi­ness address on Google maps (and oth­er list­ings) to con­firm the loca­tion.

from Brent Albrecht, Mar­ket­ing Direc­tor at . Brent can be reached via or by dial­ing 877–326-7624.




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