ALG Perceived Quality Study


Eric Lyman
Direc­tor of Resid­ual Val­ue Solu­tions

ALG Per­ceived Qual­i­ty Study — Spring 2012

In spring of this year, ALG inter­viewed 4K con­sumers to share their opin­ions; Hon­da took lead in main­stream brands in ALG’s per­ceived qual­i­ty study, fol­lowed close­ly by Toy­ota; Lexus took lux­u­ry seg­ment, fol­lowed by Mer­cedes-Benz and BMW.

Big Gain­ers in Pub­lic Per­cep­tion over Past Sev­er­al Years:
Ford and Hyundai big win­ners, nod giv­en to Dodge, Fiat, Kia, and Scion.
Fol­low­ing Hon­da and Toy­ota, 6 Brands Scored above Indus­try Aver­age:
Sub­aru, Ford, Nis­san, Volk­swa­gen, Maz­da, and Hyundai strong in main­stream.
Five Oth­er Lux­u­ry Brands also Did Well in Study:
Porsche, Acu­ra, Infini­ti, Vol­vo, and Audi also had good num­bers.




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