Propel Fuels Rolls out More Biofuel Pumps in California


Some ana­lysts think that green vehi­cles face a big­ger chal­lenge than com­par­i­son to prices of tra­di­tion­al gaso­line engine vehi­cles – deal­ing with range anx­i­ety. Amer­i­cans are used to hav­ing gas sta­tions just around the cor­ner and have many con­cerns about con­ve­nient, acces­si­ble charg­ing and fuel­ing sta­tions. There are only 3,100 of the 160,000 fill­ing sta­tions across the coun­try that sell alter­na­tive fuels, accord­ing to the U.S. Depart­ment of Ener­gy (DOE). Pro­pel Fuels was pleased to announce the open­ing of a new fill­ing sta­tion near Ana­heim, Calif., the country’s first sta­tion where dri­vers can pump gaso­line, ethanol and biodiesel, cyclists can get tune­ups, and com­muters can find pub­lic tran­sit sched­ules.

The new fuel sta­tion is in one of the top 10 trade areas (in Cal­i­for­nia) for alter­na­tive fuels, based on the cus­tomer demo­graph­ics, vehi­cle counts and traf­fic pat­terns, said Matt Hor­ton, CEO of Pro­pel Fuels. Backed by more than $19 mil­lion in ven­ture cap­i­tal and almost $12 mil­lion in grants from the DOE and the Cal­i­for­nia Ener­gy Com­mis­sion, the com­pa­ny received an addi­tion­al, $10.1 mil­lion grant recent­ly from the com­mis­sion to help build 100 sta­tions around the state in the next four years. Pro­pel is build­ing its fuel­ing net­work through its own stand­alone sta­tions and part­ner­ships with exist­ing gas sta­tion own­ers.




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