Study: Electric Vans Cost Less to Own & Operate


- June 20, 2012

Accord­ing to a new study,  elec­tric pas­sen­ger cars cost up to $6,000 more to buy and oper­ate over the vehicle’s life­time than an equiv­a­lent fos­sil fuel car. Not so with elec­tric deliv­ery vans — they are like­ly to cost as much as $5,000 less to own and oper­ate when com­pared to a sim­i­lar van run­ning on gaso­line or diesel fuel. The study fur­ther sug­gests that, at least ini­tial­ly, the big mar­ket for elec­tric vehi­cles will be dri­ven by com­mer­cial fleets.



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