The Changing Face of the Service Department

Fixed Ops Insight - May 22, 2012

Tech­nol­o­gy is con­spir­ing against the deal­er­ship ser­vice depart­ment. Ser­vice tech­ni­cians have been in high demand for over a decade.  To com­pli­cate the search for qual­i­fied techs, deal­ers must con­sid­er the applicant’s com­put­er savvy to enable them to repair today’s vehi­cles.

Many deal­ers rely on their ser­vice depart­ments for rev­enue and prof­it. Some are able to cov­er the over­head of the entire deal­er­ship from parts and ser­vice prof­it, 100% ser­vice absorp­tion. As automak­ers have added more tech­nol­o­gy to today’s cars and trucks, deal­ers have recruit­ed techs with com­put­er knowl­edge. Adding to the prob­lems of deal­ers, cars are being built bet­ter and eco­nom­ic con­di­tions are caus­ing dri­vers to keep their vehi­cles much longer, caus­ing parts and ser­vice rev­enues to drop.

To com­bat these prob­lems, deal­ers are adapt­ing; offer­ing quick oil change lanes and spe­cial tech­ni­cal cen­ters for repair of new vehi­cle sys­tems that are com­put­er con­trolled.



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